YTB (Why The Beef) Zine — 2011–2015
My role: Co-founder, design director, project manager and producer, team and event organizer, and photography set stylist

I co-founded a bi-campus publication in collaboration with my twin sister and her college, RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design). YTB featured 250 students’ work and industry interviews across 8 issues in handmade editions of 300 copies. I increased the MICA campus-allocated funding by 10x across 4 years, plus raised funds through sales.

          The final issue commissioned 80 Baltimore and Providence creatives to make artist “trading cards” of every medium. Each reader received a unique set of 8 cards in a customized metallic pouch, plus a comprehensive poster-catalogue. Guests swapped cards at the two cities’ launch events.

My personal contribution to YTB 8 SWAP was a set of over 90 handmade lenticular (“holographic”) cards showing my digitally designed collages. Produced in collaboration with Adenike Adelekan.

I organized the final Baltimore launch event, which featured live performances and custom inflatable spaces. The event occurred in conjunction with Alloverstreet, the city's monthly night of openings and events.

Video by Alice Plati. Music: “Frum” by Cofaxx.

YTB 7 PATTERN x Print All Over Me
           An 80-page book catalogued 60 individuals’ artworks related to pattern and repetition. A hand-made neoprene tote bag featured drawings made by both colleges’ artists. PAOM printed the fabric, with all other elements hand produced by YTB collective members in Baltimore and Providence.

The PATTERN issue's release event at a Baltimore warehouse loft venue was again part of Alloverstreet. The event featured a live music set and pattern-related activities: paper marbling, vegetable stamp-printing, and live sound sampling.

Video by Julia Pitch.

I designed the layout system for the PATTERN issue.

I photographed and conducted an interview with the well-recognized painter, Dana Schutz, in a Brooklyn studio visit with her.

           Over 50 students contributed works to YTB 6 with just the condition to create, make, or curate 3D object multiples smaller than 2 cubic inches. Students could apply for a budget through YTB to cover material costs. Each of the 300 box editions contained a zine-catalogue documenting all the miniatures along with 6 of the objects. The catalogue featured an interview I conducted with the sculptor and artist Nick Cave.

My personal contribution to the TINY issue was a set of laser-cut pieces, each holding a part of larger photos of sunsets or disaster fires.

The TINY issue launch featured a gallery of the tiny creations and was again part of Alloverstreet. I directed Michael Quednau to design a centerpiece illustration and motion graphic, which was also screenprinted on the paper bags holding each edition.

Event photography by Patrick Pilkey. Video by Julia Pitch.

          A black and white book of dozens of contributors’ contour-based illustrations rested inside an activity kit. Readers could color in the book using the included pencil set.

All studio photography of YTB editions by Jeremy Cain.